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Before Entering Alcohol Treatment For Alcohol Addiction (Alcoholism) With Any Professional, Please Read This Website. Revealed Are Alcohol Abuse Treatment Options That Could Enhance Alcoholism Recovery Success

From The Desk Of Stephen Gilman, M.D., Addiction Psychiatrist in New York

We both know it's no "accident" that you came across this site, so I'll get right to the point. You're reading this because either you or a close loved one is struggling with alcohol abuse - or even worse, alcohol addiction (alcoholism). And you want to find the best addiction help right now, with a treatment approach that focuses on your specific needs.

I know you might have some concern and confusion about entering any alcohol treatment or alcoholism recovery program for your alcohol abuse. It seems that there are just so many choices out there. Should it be Alcoholics anonymous? Or a 28 day rehab? Or just an alcohol detoxification or alcohol detox program?

And if you decide to go the private therapist route - sould it be a psychologist, social worker, psychiatrist? There are just way too many choices. Not to mention that there are some new medications to help with cravings. "Will my general doctor even know what these medications are, or how to prescribe and monitor them?"

Alcohol Treatment For Alcoholism Or Alcohol Abuse Does NOT Need To Be Complicated. I'm Going To Break It Down So Its Easy And Simple To Understand - You'll Have Power To Take The Right Action Steps NOW

Forget about what you read about on those message boards from some unknown poster. Don't think you must do alcoholism recovery the "AA way or no way", or you will never get better (pure baloney). And definitely don't think that your aunt's marriage counselor can help you stop your drinking.

Relax about you having to try to figure all of this out. I'm going to lay out in simple, easy descriptions the main different types of alcoholism treatment options. I'll steer you towards what I feel are the better options and away from the less favorite. But ultimately you will decide the direction of your alcoholism treatment in consultation with an appropriately licensed healthcare professional.

Why Should You Listen To Stephen Gilman, M.D.?

I'm a psychiatrist based in NYC. My specialization is specifically addiction psychiatry. I treat people with alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction problems, as well as meet with the addicted one's loved ones to offer support and help them convince the addicted person to get into treatment.

Just briefly, my qualifications are as follows: Board Certification in both general psychiatry and addiction psychiatry. Faculty appointment and addiction researcher at NYU School of Medicine. Former Medical Director of a major, world renowned substance abuse rehabilitation program. Addiction treatment consultant to investment banks, market research firms and the media.

The Three Parts To Alcohol Addiction Recovery: Getting Off Alcohol, Staying Off Alcohol, And Creating An Empowered High Quality Life Worth Living

Most people get it wrong with alcohol recovery. They think that just stopping all alcohol is the ultimate answer - but it isn't. Ofcourse, getting off your alcohol and staying off your alcohol are required and crucial, but they are not the ultimate answer to alcoholism recovery.

Let me further explain.

Let's say you have been drinking excessively for the past several years - or longer, and you are finally able to get a period of sobreity together - say a few weeks or months. But you don't work on all the other aspects of your life that have been seriously affected by your drinking. What do you think will happen?

In most cases, a return right back to drinking. The fact is that most people with an alcohol problem have tremendous difficulty maintaining sobreity unless they focus on improving the overall quality of there lives.

In addition to me giving you info about getting off alcohol (The Detox Part) and staying off alcohol (The Craving Control Part), I'm going to reveal to you some alcohol addiction recovery secrets that let you create a truly empowering, fun, enjoyable high quality of life (The Addiction Mastery Part)

And I guarantee you will only hear about The Addiction Mastery Part of Recovery here - they sure don't show it to you - my tested and proven way -  in any substance abuse rehab or 12 Step meeting!

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