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The inital part of alcohol addiction treatment is called alcohol detox, which is short for alcohol detoxification.

Let me give you a very serious warning about this stage: Coming off of alcohol should always be done under the supervision of a physician with expertise in dealing with alcohol addiction. Decreasing or stopping your alcohol consumption if you are truly addicted can be dangerous and have potentially severe medical complications, including the possibility of seizures, coma and death. NEVER attempt to detox yourself.

Typical Way I Help People Get Off Alcohol - In A Private Office Setting

I work in a private, office based setting, which is ideal for a safe, comfortable way to detox without the need for a costly inpatient stay of a week or more. You will be able to be back at work within a day or so of starting the detox process - with limited " down time" from family, friends or work obligations.

Medications are used when indicated to keep you calm comfortable and free of withdrawal symptoms. You'll be able to sleep comfortably from the start, and have minimal - if any at all - anxiety, irritibility, shakes, naseau, headaches, etc.

During the inital detox, we'll need to meet a few times per week for sessions and monitoring. But you won't be in "lock down" like if you went to a hospital based inpatient detox for a week or so.

You May Need A More Intensive Alcohol Addiction Detox Process. I'll Be Able To Guide You To Options Suited For You

Unfortunately, not everyone qualifies for a private office based detox for their alcoholism. It may just be to medically risky, so a hospital based inpatient alcohol detoxification may be the right option.

How will you know if you need this more intensive option?

There are many variables that need to be taken into consideration, such as:

How much and how frequently do you drink? Do you abuse ANY other substances? Do you have any other medical problems? Do you have any other psychiatric conditions (diagnosed or UNdiagnosed)? And a whole host of other questions that need to be explored and answered.

So I think you can see that it can be a bit confusing for you to have to figure out which type of setting would be best for your specific situation. This is where I come in. Let me discuss with you the options that are right for you! No need for you to guess - and potentially make the wrong decision - which could have horrendous consequences!

Alcohol Detoxification Is Only The First Step To Successful Alcohol Abuse Treatment. If You Want To Truly Master Alcoholism Recovery, Let Me Show You What More I Can Help You Achieve

Alcohol detoxification is only the first (and smallest) part of alcohol addiction treatment. It's required, but it only sets the stage for what comes next - The Craving Control Part.

If you don't discover the secrets to minimizing cravings for alcohol, then you'll eventually go right back to drinking. There are several medications available right now to help erradicate cravings for alcohol. They include Revia (naltrexone), Campral (Acamprosate) and Vivitrol (injectable naltrexone). Take a moment and read all about them.

Imagine for a moment just not being interested anymore in alcohol - like the weight of the world being lifted from your shoulders.





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