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Campral (acamprosate) is a newer medication available to help fight cravings for alcohol. It was FDA approved for alcohol craving control in 2004. It works by decreasing the anxiety and discomfort that can cause cravings in alcohol dependent people. Campral is believed to help restore the chemical balance and prevent the feelings of discomfort associated with not drinking. Many people taking Campral report they spend much less time thinking about drinking.

It is usually tolerated very well by people I prescribe it to. It can also be used safely with many other medications.

The exact way that it works in one's brain is not entirely clear. It does work on some brain regions that sre responsible for controlling stress and anxiety levels, but in a particular way that makes alcohol less appealing to those with alcoholism.

In order for it to work well, it must de taken everyday. Since the medication doesn't last that long in your bloodstream, it has to be taken three times a day. This is one downside to the medication because it can be too easy to forget to take your dose.

If you have any liver disease or problems, then Campral can still be used as long as your physician monitors you carefully.

You should make sure that the physican prescribing the medication to you is expert in addiction treatment, such as an addiction psychiatrist. Too often, people go to their general doctors to get a presciption for the medication - and get no additional substance abuse focused treatment. This is a set up for failed alcoholism recovery.

I have been selected, and am officially registered, in the Campral Referral Network because of my addiction psychiatry expertise and experience.

Naltrexone (Revia) Is Only A Small Part Of True Alcoholism Recovery Mastery - You Must Add In The Other Important Piece

Keep in mind that this medication is only one piece of a comprehensive addiction treament program. To truly master your addiction recovery, you must add this important piece. It is the use of proven, focused addiction psychotherapy and counseling.




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